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The Charon Sessions

Title: The Charon Sessions
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 1118
Prompt: Charon
A/N: Written and submitted to Neos Alexandria for a Devotional about all things Charon. Any and all feedback welcome.

ETA: Accepted, less than 6 hours after submission. Go me!

The Charon SessionsCollapse )


Title: Your Virtue
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 341
Prompt: Fugacious
A/N: Written for musemuggers, Challenge #523, Option #3.

Your VirtueCollapse )


Title: Beneath the Baobab
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 825
Prompt: what is lost
A/N: Written for musemuggers. Challenge #522, Option #1.

Beneath the BaobabCollapse )


Title: The American Experience
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 580
Prompt: The Cetus
A/N: Written for musemuggers, Challenge #521, Option #3 (The Cetus).

The American ExperienceCollapse )


Title: No Hero
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 1148
Prompt: first line must begin I came of age in a time of no heroes.
A/N: Written for musemuggers Challenge # 519, Option #4 (previous Challenge #518, submit to first line challenge)

No HeroCollapse )


Title: The Clarion Call
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 2022
Prompt: rewrite Puss in Boots
A/N: Written for musemuggers, Challenge #518, Option #3, Puss in Boots.

The Clarion CallCollapse )

The end of the question:

Over on rubyelf's LJ, there is a little discussion going on about "what is hot"?. It's an interesting discussion, and one I felt compelled to answer over here on my own page. I don't normally get involved in this sort of thing, but since I have the ability to answer this question easily and without debate, I thought I'd just go ahead and answer that for everyone. See picture below:


You're welcome, everyone. :D

Of course, I'd love to hear about who you think is hot in the comments. But we all know you can't do better than that. ;)


Title: The Bad Rope
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 1113
Prompt: knot: “a good knot on a bad rope is no better than a bad knot”--Alvin Smith
A/N: Written for musemuggers, Challenge #517, Option #4, the cloud (knot). If you see my prompt phrase, the duality of this quote really inspired the format of this story.

The Bad RopeCollapse )

Good Tickle-Brain!

Hey, if anyone is looking to be entertained, I have just the site for you! My uber-talented friend, Mya, is starting a site called Good Tickle-Brain, and you guys should check it out! She's been entertaining us for years with her wit and ability to draw funny stick figures, and now she is sharing that with the world. If you like left-of-center humor and poking fun at Shakepeare (among other delights) go check out her site. You won't be sorry!

Good Tickle-Brain!


Title: Three Chagalls
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 1141
Prompt: ring road
A/N: Written for musemuggers, Challenge # 516, Option #1.

Three ChagallsCollapse )


Title: The Giant of Kent County
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 830
Prompt: Open a book to any page; choose a word, and write it down. Repeat this nine times. Write a story or a poem with all the words collected.
A/N: Written for musemuggers. Challenge # 514, Option #4. The words are from an anthology entitled "Machine of Death".

The Giant of Kent CountyCollapse )


Title: Gone From Sight
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 1180
Prompt: (scars) and (prove this guy wrong: Alcohol! Because no great story started with someone eating a salad)
A/N: Written for musemuggers, Challenge #513, Options # 1 and #4

Gone From SightCollapse )


Title: Coins in the Fountain
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 2565
A/N: Written for musemuggers, Challenge # 512, Option #1, “San Lorenzo”.

Coins in the FountainCollapse )


Title: What Remains
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 487
Prompt: They threw me off the hay truck about noon...

What RemainsCollapse )


Title: Face the Rain
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 529
Prompt: this picture
A/N: Written for musemuggers, Challenge #508, Option #2. Thanks to B for the first line. :)

Face the RainCollapse )


Title: For Love of Schnitzel
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 1739
Prompt: “apple cake” (#2412) and Krampus
A/N: Written for musemuggers, Option #4. Also, this was submitted for a collection of stories about Krampus, an ancient figure in Eastern Europe. He is the dark counterpart to St. Nick. They travel together on the eve of St. Nicolas’ Feast Day, and St. Nick leaves little presents for good children while Krampus is the punisher. In darker times he didn’t just leave coal, but he was quite sinister, even carrying them off to hell or drowning them. We were invited to write stories involving Krampus, but of course I had to do a tongue-in-cheek-version.

For Love of SchnitzeCollapse )


Title: The Sixth Kind
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 905
Prompt: (carefully places microphone on ground) (hobbles stage-left on cane) (cackles, turns into a million crows), sentient, static
A/N: Written for musemuggers, Challenge #505, options, #1 and #4.

The Sixth KindCollapse )


Title: Teatro No. 5
Author: keppiehed
Word Count: 904
Prompt: this picture: Teatro No. 5
A/N: Written for musemuggers, Challenge #502, Option #4. The previous challenge was #498, Option #2, the picture.

Teatro No. 5Collapse )


Title: With Deepest Sympathy
Author: keppiehed
Warnings: language
Word Count: 621
Prompt: “letter”
A/N: Written for musemuggers Challenge #500, Option #1.

LetterCollapse )

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