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Open Call for Submissions

Hey, guys, I forgot to mention that I hold a position as Submissions Editor at Bedlam Publishing. The reason I'm mentioning this is that we publish an online magazine quarterly, and we still have some space if you'd like to submit for the April issue. There's been a lot of work I've had to turn down recently (which is depressing me), and I know you guys do phenomenal stuff. So if you'd like to see your work in print and bulk up your publishing portfolio, send us your stuff! The submissions page is here: http://www.bedlampublishing.com/submissions.html

We accept any genre. I have seen it all, and I can say that with all honesty. Just make sure it's compelling and well-written. We actually get a lot of poetry, so for all you poets out there, I'd like to encourage you to take a shot. There's a team of people who look at your work and decide, so it isn't up to me on my own, but the editor-in-chief is extremely kind and sends out personal letters to everyone so you are guaranteed not to get a form rejection. It's a great submission experience no matter what. So I'd like to encourage all of you guys to please send in your dusty old work you've had lying around that I know is high quality. Just make sure to take it off LJ first--we check for that! But I'd love to see some high quality stuff and give you some literary credits to boot. Check us out if you have the time!


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Apr. 3rd, 2015 11:59 am (UTC)
Hi urb, it's me; I just can't figure our how to log on from my phone :). In answer to your question, as long as it is not marked as a public entry it should be fine. Most publishers check on that to see if the pieces they are publishing exist anywhere out there in the world, and most count private blogs and websites as being "previously published". So you can leave it on LJ, just set it so that it doesn't come up in a search.

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