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Hey guys! I hope everyone here is doing well.

I try to comment as often as I can on all of your journals. I definitely read everyone's even if I don't always leave a note (to wit: one of you is going to Budapest, several of you are excelling in the martial arts, just about all of you are killing it at APAD this year, one of you is exhausted from applying to lengthy job apps at night, someone has had a migraine forever and one of you is doing great with a new form of braiding clay on EBay). I realized that I pretty much never make personal posts, so it probably seems as if I am never around, and I have stopped posting stories here, which really cuts down on my LJ presence. But I'm still hanging out here more than it might seem.

In my personal life, I'm having a lot of troubles with my hands. I don't want to get into a long medical post, but it makes it difficult to comment individually or as effusively as I'd like. But with time and patience I'm working on typing, and I am looking into voice software to help with that.

In more fun news, I'd like to announce that my website is working. It's been up for awhile, but there are still some flaws in it, so I've been hesitant to ask anyone to visit. But then I figured there's no time like the present, and also it would help if I got some feedback from people who are clicking around to point out bugs or who could give suggestions for useage. So I am going to be posting my stories there from now on, and I am inviting everyone to read my work there. I would be delighted if you'd come over and check it out! You don't have to sign up, but if you do it would also be great for me to know how that whole system works. It's completely free, and all of my 200+ stories are there in a library. I update as regularly as possible, with the exception of work that is awaiting publication or that I have signed a contract on.

I'm not trying to bug anyone or guilt anyone into anything; it's always bothered me when friends use their connections to ask people to buy things from them. This is NOT the case here, and no one should feel pressured to go to the site. I'm not tracking anyone or anything like that! It's just to let you know that I'm transitioning my work to my own independent place, and if you are interested in following me there, that would be great! Please check out Keppiehed.com if you like what I'm doing and don't be shy about sending feedback!

Also: I am interested in the idea of an agent. I know some of you have been down that path and I was wondering if you had any advice/feedback/recommendations in that regard. I have met a few in the course of my publishing who might be okay to deal with, but I thought I would pick your collective brain first and see if you've had a good experience or if you have any words of wisdom on how to proceed in this case. I am not too proud to admit that this is out of my area of expertise. So any advice is appreciated.

I hope everyone is well, and you guys have a great day!


Apr. 27th, 2014 05:22 am (UTC)
A post! Hi! It feels like awhile--I'm glad you made a post :)

I'm sorry to hear about your hands. I hope the voice recognition tech can help out.

Ooh, nice website! I like the art! I'm not so sure about the font at the top but I'm unnaturally picky witt font :P

[so I started and now I have paragraphs about your website]It's a bit confusing that the cursor doesn't change to like a hand grabby one or a pointer but stays a cursor when selecting tags--I didn't know it'd be selectable! That said I love the tag-browsing/filtering; I wish all libraries could have this (though it's impossible, and I take my hat off at Library of Congress subject headings trying to do it. That is one Sisyphean task.)

I also really like how the stories can be read easily in the browser AND as epub. And also pdf, though personally epub >>> pdf the latter is supported way more so also nice, but I really really like that you have epub. (Trying to convert pdf to epub is an epic pain, even with powerful/sophisticated software, so having both options is amazing.)

When I click on a story it feels like the page element (?) seems to overflow--like the area that the story fills, the grey box, seems to overflow the box, which looks kind of messy. I like how the margins are narrower--easier to read!

For the story listings down the side, when clicked, I'd like to get to a landing page where I can see the options of downloading in browser/epub/pdf/audio. It takes me directly to the browser view where I don't think there are those options? So you'd either have to search the name (messy) or just read it in your browser.

The top part of the individual story boxes (you know where you have links to all the downloads) has a little thing in the top right corner which looks like a book + hyperlink/chainlink symbol? I thought that would take me to a page with the collected stories in the series/tied together.

I would suggest a bigger link to go back to the home page--it's kind of small and in the corner at the moment. (And my god, you've published so many stories! And written so many! Hats off to you.)

Finally, I kinda dig the look. It doesn't look flashy-new, which is a look I associate with EXTREME JAVASCRIPT SCRIPTING ie everything starts moving and doing things as you scroll or mouse over and there's infini-scroll and utterly impossible to navigate without javascript. I like your website :)
Apr. 30th, 2014 09:53 pm (UTC)
Oh my gosh, please forgive how long it took me to respond to this comment. My internet has been on the fritz; we've been in the middle of some storms that seem to have knocked out service intermittently, which is SUPER FRUSTRATING. I'm okay, so I shouldn't complain. I know a lot of people lost their homes (and their lives!) so the loss of internet is just a minor inconvenience, but I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you!

I REALLY appreciate the in-depth comments and the thorough visit you made of the site. My hubby was really thrilled about how detailed you were with your feedback. He already made most of the changes that you suggested. He was so excited that you took the time to give thoughtful consideration to the technical aspect of programming and not just my writing, since he hasn't had anyone do that. It was such an enormous help to me, I don't know how to thank you. In fact, the word he used was "invaluable".

So we are both hugely appreciative of the time and effort and I'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you. If ever I can repay the favor please let me know. I am in your debt!
May. 7th, 2014 03:51 am (UTC)
Ahh, don't worry about that! (See how I am now six days late replying to yours :P I'm sorry to hear about your internet--I honestly find that up-and-down internet is one of the most frustrating things, and it's only exacerbated by it being so trivial, argh.) I'm so glad it helped! I spend, er, a lot of time online sometimes and I have way too many opinions about website design for someone who does not intend to do any such thing and so I'm glad it was useful! Seriously, you guys are the sweetest. <3

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